08Design Registration of Chock Cover (Registration No. 30-1123875 & 30-1123876)
09Japan Patent of Special textiles, Manufacturing method thereof and belt sling (Patent No. 6941210)
10CE Attestation of Conformity for SIGMALUB Wire Rope Lubricator
11Patent of Wire Rope Lubricator (Patent No. 10-2329217)
01Patent of Rope Protection Guard (Patent No. 10-2063960)
04Updated Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 by BSI
05Patent of Special textiles, Manufacturing method thereof and belt sling (Patent No. 10-2109758)
06Patent of Manufacturing method for mooring rope eye protector (Patent No. 10-2119820)
07Trademark Registration ‘PRESSPLUS’
08Trademark Registration ‘SIGMAGUARD’
03CE Attestation of Conformity for Garbage Compactor
04CE Attestation of Conformity for Belt Sling (Eye to Eye & Endless Type)
04Patent of Tensioner device having safe release function (Patent No. 10-2046725)
09Patent of Cargo strap device with convertible structure (Patent No. 10-2020486)
11Patent of FPD (Apparatus for preventing unintentional fall of life boat) (Patent No. 10-2046725)
03Updated Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 by BSI
07Patent of Chock Cover (Patent No. 10-1880413)
10Updated Venture Business Firm Assigned (Small & Medium Business Corporation)
03Designated as Certified Trading Company by Korea International Trading Association
07Designated as Promising Export Firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration by Busan                         Regional Office Of SMB
01Patent of Attachable Floating Cloth(Patent No. 10-1585939)
05Patent of Rope Stopper(Patent No. 10-1626844)
02Patent of Waste compactor (Patent No. 10-1498885)
06Promising Export Firm Assigned (BUSAN-ULSAN Export Center)
08Venture Business Firm Assigned(Small & Medium Business Corporation)
12Established Research and Development(KOITA)
01Patent of Waste Compactor(Patent No. 10-1352862)
09Specialized Trading Company Assigned(KITA)
09MAIN-BIZ Identified
12KSSA(Korea Ship suppliers & Services Association) Membership
01Self ERP System Development and Set up
05Liaison Office Establishment in U.S.A
123 Million Export Tower Award 300million
12Patent of Waste Compactor(Patent No. 10-1347279)
12Liaison Office Establishment in DUBAI(U.A.E)
12Liaison Office Establishment in EUROPE
2009Global Network Set-up
01ISSA(International Ship Suppliers Service Association) Membership
03ISO 9001 Approved by BSI
04IMPA(International Marine Purchaing Association) Membership
2008Domestic Logistic Network Set-up
08Domestic Port Ship-Supply License
11Liaison Office Establishment in SINGAPORE
05Liaison Office Establishment in JAPAN
2004Established SaeMah Co.,Ltd
01Company Foundation
02Acquired Trading License