Wire Rope

According to the strand constructions made up of wire rope, there are lots of different wire ropes. You, however, choose the right ropes in accordance with the use you want is more important.

Crane Wire Rope

Hoisting Rope & Luffing Rope
Hositing Rope
All standard wire rope has a tendency to develop torque and therefore prone to rotation. To control the load under lift, rotation-resistant wire ropes are required.
Luffing Rope
The independent wire rope core provides more strength and stability to the wire rope compared to fibre core.
01Recommended Construction
4 X SES(39)+FC or 4 X SES(48)+FC for Hoisting
  • 사진

    < 4 X SES(39)+FC >

  • 사진

    < 4 X SES(48)+FC >

6 X Fi(29)+IWRC or 6 X WS(36)+IWRC for Luffing
  • 사진

    < 6 X Fi(29)+IWRC >

  • 사진

    < 6 X WS(36)+IWRC >

02Special Wire Rope
Compacted Non-Rotating Rope
  • 사진

    < Powerflex 35 >

  • 사진

    < Poweract 25D/P >

Plastic Filled Rope
  • 사진

    < Flextec 35 >

  • 사진

    < Powerfill 8 >


Saemah Wire Rope is satisfied JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), and is supplied with Class Certificate (NK, Lloyd and ETC.)