Synthetic Fiber Rope


UHMWPE(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Ropes) float in water making them significantly safer, their low stretch properties provide greater sensitivity and their low elongation combined with their low weight makes their handling easy and the manoeuvring of vessels extremely accurate especially in distress & critical times. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) ropes are 7-9 times stronger than steel (by weight) and 3 times stronger than Polyester of equal weight.

SIGMA UHMWPE Rope vs Steel Wire Rope
- Light weight makes length limitless
- Neutrally buoyant
- Increase lifting capacity of winches and cranes
- Lighter deck loads
- Easy handling for crews and ROVs
Steel Wire Rope
- Heavy weight makes length limited
- Sinks in water
- Reduces lifting capacity of winches
- Difficult handling for crews and ROVs
01Key Advantage
  • ㆍStrength equivalent steel wire rope
  • ㆍKink / Torque Free
  • ㆍLight weight for easy service and
        repair on board
  • ㆍGood resistance and Long life span
  • ㆍLower snap-back for crew's safety
  • ㆍEnvironment protection & Cost savings by
        unusing lubricant
  • ㆍGood chemical resistance
  • ㆍFloating type to avoid propeller accident
  • ㆍTug Assist, Face & Wing Line
  • ㆍTowing, Winch and Pulling line
  • ㆍSpecialty Rigging Line
  • ㆍWire Rope replacement
01Technical Specification
  • ㆍ UHMWPE Yarn with Special Coating
  • ㆍ 12 strand braided
  • ㆍ Specific Gravity : 0.98
  • ㆍ Elongation at break : 4-5%
  • ㆍ Melting point : 145~150 ℃
01Technical Specification
  • ㆍ Polyester Cover, UHMWPE Core
  • ㆍ Elongation at break : 4~5%
  • ㆍ Melting point : 256~260 ℃ (Cover) / 145~150 ℃(Core)

SIGMA UHMWPE PULS improved Elongetion at break, UV resistance and abrasion resistance by adding Cover
(Polyester, UHMWPE) to existing SIGMA UHMWPE.

01Technical Specification
  • ㆍ UHMWPE Cover, UHMWPE Core
  • ㆍ Elongation at break : 3.5%~4%
  • ㆍ Melting point : 145~150 ℃