01Patent of Rope Protection Guard (Patent No. 10-2063960)
04Updated Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 by BSI
05Patent of Special textiles, Manufacturing method thereof and belt sling (Patent No. 10-2109758)
06Patent of Manufacturing method for mooring rope eye protector (Patent No. 10-2119820)
03CE Attestation of Conformity for Garbage Compactor
04CE Attestation of Conformity for Belt Sling (Eye to Eye & Endless Type)
04Patent of Tensioner device having safe release function (Patent No. 10-2046725)
09Patent of Cargo strap device with convertible structure (Patent No. 10-2020486)
11Patent of FPD (Apparatus for preventing unintentional fall of life boat) (Patent No. 10-2046725)
03Updated Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015 by BSI
07Patent of Chock Cover (Patent No. 10-1880413)
10Updated Venture Business Firm Assigned (Small & Medium Business Corporation)
03Designated as Certified Trading Company by Korea International Trading Association
07Designated as Promising Export Firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration by Busan                         Regional Office Of SMB
01Patent of Attachable Floating Cloth(Patent No. 10-1585939)
05Patent of Rope Stopper(Patent No. 10-1626844)
02Patent of Waste compactor (Patent No. 10-1498885)
06Promising Export Firm Assigned (BUSAN-ULSAN Export Center)
08Venture Business Firm Assigned(Small & Medium Business Corporation)
12Established Research and Development(KOITA)
01Patent of Waste Compactor(Patent No. 10-1352862)
09Specialized Trading Company Assigned(KITA)
09MAIN-BIZ Identified
12KSSA(Korea Ship suppliers & Services Association) Membership
01Self ERP System Development and Set up
05Liaison Office Establishment in U.S.A
123 Million Export Tower Award 300million
12Patent of Waste Compactor(Patent No. 10-1347279)
12Liaison Office Establishment in DUBAI(U.A.E)
12Liaison Office Establishment in EUROPE
2009Global Network Set-up
01ISSA(International Ship Suppliers Service Association) Membership
03ISO 9001 Approved by BSI
04IMPA(International Marine Purchaing Association) Membership
2008Domestic Logistic Network Set-up
08Domestic Port Ship-Supply License
11Liaison Office Establishment in SINGAPORE
05Liaison Office Establishment in JAPAN
2004Established SaeMah Co.,Ltd
01Company Foundation
02Acquired Trading License